We offer a variety of classes for every level, and each class is limited to 20 people to insure everyone receives the individual attention that he or she may need. Classes are first-come, first-served, so please show up 10-15 minutes early. 

Sit & Be Fit- Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is easy fitness for seniors whether you’re a first timer or a fitness gurul. Approved by doctors and physical therapists, this class is fast becoming a popular option for many.

Moreover, this low impact exercise will help with core strengthening, balance, flexibility, circulation and reaction time.  These programs are sure to lift your spirits and put a smile on your face.

Gentle Yoga

Yoga has always been a popular for seniors. The low impact, moderate Yoga helps in muscle strengthening as well as flexibility and joint health.

Gentle Yoga is the perfect way to stretch and strengthen your body while improving your overall health and wellness. It is low impact and can help with range of motion as well as balance and stress relief.

Dance Classes



  • Muscle Toning. You will most definitely develop more strength and muscle definition

  • Bones and Joints.

  • Flexibility

  • Burns Fat. ...

  • Creative Outlet. ...

  • Conditioning

Arts & Crafts

Enjoy community and the companionship of like minded individuals while creating something unique and fun! Our arts and crafts classes can range from rock painting, wine glass painting, quilting, sewing, memorial blankets… and so much more. Most of our classes include the materials (unless noted as special event).

Bring your own drinks and enjoy your time as our instructors help you achieve your work of art! Great for beginners or advanced participants!


For adult beginners and intermediates alike, virtual Bowling is helps develop strength & coordination as you play! Simple and easy- step by step instructions from our facilitators, you can play as an individual or as a team.

It's fun, social, and exciting! Bring comfortable shoes and be dressed comfortably. Three Lanes available for play… and the best part of it- you can bring your own drinks!

Health Classes

These sessions are available to you keep alert to health matters such as blood pressure, memory, dietary, pill identification classes, and other helpful topics that relate to one’s health. Most of our classes have a specific topic however some classes will have a third party health provider to answer questions on an individual basis. As we all know, most of us procrastinate when it comes to health, we try to make it a simpler and more convenient process to remind us how vital our health is.  

Technology Class- Basics

It's never too late to learn the basics! TECH 101 is designed for beginners.Classes include using email, saving photos, sending attachments, video conferencing, & basics of social media. These Tech classes will help any senior learn the fundamentals. 

Technological advancements can help your quality of life improve with better communications, assist with memory, and even help organize your everyday routine!

Technology Class- Smart Phones and Tablets

Smart phones and tablets are idea for to enhance independence in one’s daily routine. Learn which apps are available to help remind you for mundane tasks such as medication reminders, paying bills, or scheduled doctors appointments. Safety and security for a love one is one of our greatest worries, our classes are designed to help families maintain a ”peace of mind” through basic communication, location apps, and even medical emergencies. Empower yourself and bring us your toughest questions! 

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