Senior FUNdamentals loves our members and being a part of community means more to us than words can express… so we will let our members do that for us!


Shirley Banfield

“Senior FUNdamentals means the world to me. I was a Police Lieutenant and always alert and good at my job. My mind was good. I could read “how to do something” and do it. Now I have memory and other health problems and can’t do the things I loved to do. Senior FUNdamentals has given me the strength to fight thru my health issues. I have trouble remembering how to play some of games but the staff is patient and understanding and makes me feel important.” One of the most important classes my sister and I have taken, was the ALEXA smart home classes. Since then, being able to have her check up on me or vise versa has been not only been helpful but potentially life-saving.

Suzie Price

“I can’t say enough good things about Senior FUNdamentals. This center and the staff have been a blessing to my sister and I. We have been members since day one and spend a great amount of time there. My sister has been diagnosed with Alzheimers and Senior FUNdamentals has helped her keep her mind and body active. They have picture recognition games that help with memory. When we first started, she needed a lot of help in order to play but now does a good job of matching the pictures on her own. These games are not only helpful, they are also fun.

There are many more games and activities that are fun and challenging. There is something for everyone. If you don’t like board games there are classic card games. If you’re not interested in board or card games, there are pool tables, dart boards, Wii Bowling, arts and crafts, computer classes, cell phone classes, and a 6 chair movie theater. The staff is very accommodating, if there is something you enjoy, they will try to make it happen. The Wii Bowling and other Wii games are good exercise but if you can’t stand you can do just as good sitting in a chair. There is Sit N’ Stretch for those of us that can’t get up when we are on the floor.

There are different events through-out the year so there is always something for everyone. You can have a cup of coffee, or can of pop… or just relax in one of the lounge chairs.

Even if you live in a neighbor hood that has activities you will still find that Senior FUNdamentals has a lot to offer. Sis and I live in a 55 and over community and we participate in some activities there but still find more activities we enjoy at Senior FUNdamentals. Like I said in the beginning, this center has been a blessing to me and my sister”

Bill & Betty

Bill and I have been members of FUNdamentals for the past 5 months and have actively been participating in all the games, arts and crafts, and exercise classes. One of my favorite games is Mexican Train! We both enjoy hanging out, meeting new people and have made several new friends. We love all the cooking classes and eating all the samples!! Being a retired school teacher for over 30 years for the Charlotte County School District and Bill having owned and operated a metal fabrication shop… we planned for a long awaited happy retirement. I can definitely state that Senior FUNdamentals has been instrumental part of that. A place like Senior FUNdamentals has been a blessing to us and we can’t wait for future crafts and games!



Roy Baccarella Sr.

I have been a resident of Punta Gorda for over 18 years and a retired electrician. I’ve been a member of FUNdamentals since opening in August 2018. I enjoy playing and learning new games such as Rummikub or shooting pool. Wii Bowling and the stretch classes they offer are some of my favorites. I also really enjoy watching the movies and their weekly donut and coffee social hour.

I am recently widowed and children out of state but I take pride in keeping my independence. Taking the smart phone classes and cooking classes have been helpful as the classes are easy to understand and practical. The staff tis super personable and will even check on me (which my son appreciates as well).